"I'm so bored these cookies will amuse me."
No they won't. Not really. Those cookies will take you about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to eat. And then what? Tell those cookies they're full of lies. They're not going to be there for you in five minutes and they'll only leave you with regret. 
Eating when you're bored (or tired or stressed) is a habit. All habits take time to break. Because they're habits. They're things you habitually do. If you start habitually doing new things, you'll have new habits! Voila!
Easier said than done, but it IS do-able to create new habits! 
If you find yourself wanting to bored-eat, here are 10 things to do instead to get your mind off of thinking of food as entertainment!
1. Phone a friend.
2. Take a stroll.
3. Make a craft!
4. Watch a fav show and sip on bubbly water with lime! 
5. Break out an old board game.
6. Read a book, maybe even the paper kind. (Swoon!)
7. Do one of the workouts on our Insta page! 
8. Start a new hobby you've always wanted to try.
9. Write someone you love a real old-fashioned letter on paper.
10. Dance party!!!!
All of these things are calorie-free ways to distract yourself when the boredom eating bug bites. Don't listen to it. You can beat bored eating.
Cheers to new habits!!
Fit Girls
**from Fit Girls Guide** http://fitgirlsguide.com/