Hello All!

Well, we are 3 weeks into March. How's your month going? My goal for the year was to walk/jog/run/skip/etc 10K steps a day. Here's where I am at so far!

Week 3

     Day 15- 7.22mi; 14972 steps

     Day 16 - 9.32mi; 20627 steps

     Day 17 - 7.73mi; 16234 steps

     Day 18 - 6.027.2mi; 13690 steps

     Day 19 - 7.02mi; 14295 steps

     Day 20 - 10.45mi; 22906 steps

     Day 21- 10.6mi; 23470 steps

Week 3 Miles/Steps Goal: 21mi/70K steps

Week 3 Miles/Steps Actual: 58.36mi/126K steps

     Week 1-3 total: 148.3mi/328.6K steps

With the weather improving, I am getting out to walk and run more and more - even a couple/few times a day :) Just by looking at the daily miles and activity, I know which days are perfect to get out and what days are on the weekend :) I am thinking about upping my daily goals to 15K a day as long as I can keep up! Goals are intended to be challenges, aren't they? :)

Happy times!