Hello All!

Well, we are 2 weeks into March. How's your month going? My goal for the year was to walk/jog/run/skip/etc 10K steps a day. Here's where I am at so far!

Week 2

     Day 8- 6.87mi; 14986 steps

     Day 9 - 5.38mi; 12195 steps

     Day 10 - 7.7mi; 16750 steps

     Day 11 - 7.2mi; 15534 steps

     Day 12 - 7.7mi; 16907 steps

     Day 13 - 10.62mi; 24100 steps

     Day 14- 9.6mi; 20627 steps

Week 2 Miles/Steps Goal: 21mi/70K steps

Week 2 Miles/Steps Actual: 55mi/121K steps

With the weather improving, I am getting out to walk and run more and more - even a few times a day :)

I am so glad that I signed up for both the miles challenge and the Kickstarter/Transformer Diet Bets. This is a great beginning to the month and a great start to 2015!!

Happy times!