Procrastinator that I am, this blog was thought of and meant to be done months ago, but here it finally is!

I have been doing this since about Nov. generally once a week and I have tweeked it to fit me. It never fails to work, and usually gets me 2 to 6 pounds down!!! And I am NOT hungry!

Before this, I didn't think too much about tea- growing up, we only occasionally had the instant tea with sugar and it was so-so. I did not know about the world of tea- WOW! There is so much out there, and very enjoyable, too. This all came about after I saw one of Dr. Oz's TV shows. He had as his guest a Dr. who talked about a tea cleanse that you could do once a week- she did it on Wednesday- to balance out indulging on the weekend. That hooked me, because I always have trouble with weekends- eating out, traveling, etc.. So here is what I do.

17 cups of tea- all different, and by cup I mean about 10-12 oz hot (or cold) water. I know it sounds like a lot, but if they are different, and spaced out drinking during the day, it is pretty easy. I try to finish the ones with caffeine by 2 pm so it doesn't keep me up at night, and be careful of too much green tea at once on an empty stomach. I also might have 3-4 cups coffee, too and add some liquid stevia.

2 hard boiled eggs- spaced out like 1 at a late lunchtime and 1 for supper- and I use coarse ground salt and peppercorns- and add some dried red peppers. This increases metabolism, too.

1/2 oz English walnuts- ground up and stir in 1/2 t. cinnamon (very tasty) which also helps with metabolism.

12 raw almonds

25 unshelled roasted and salted pistachios- fun to shell them! Trust me, you need that salt for all the fluid you are drinking.

1/2 grapefruit- I eat the membranes and seeds, but not the rind. A nutritionist told me about that.

2 clementines (Cuties or Halos) or 1 orange

1 1/2 cups strawberries or 1 cup raspberries- these could be from frozen if fresh is not handy

and I also have 2 prunes- 1 at a time- just in case- so I don't get "stuck" if you get my drift.

Yes, it is tricky at work, but it can be done if you are motivated and plan it out!!!

My only problem, is that it is so easy and works well, that I find myself sometimes sabotaging my efforts by thinking "it will be OK to eat ____ since I just did a tea day" or "since I will be doing a tea day the next day, I can eat _____!"  And the ____ could be a LOT of food!!!  When I continue with my normal regular healthy eating, my weight usually stays down about 2 pounds even a whole day after the tea day and beyond. So there you have it, for whatever it is worth. That is one of my "secret" weapons!