Finally the time has come

I knew one of these days it would come to an end - my "losing days" with dietbet, but it is hard to go. I know I need to get on with living as a "normal-sized" person and give my time and energies to other parts of life, but I will really miss dietbet!!! I was very hopeful they would start the maintenance bets and even step bets that they talked about, but it isn't ready and I am.

For all the friends and dietbet pals and for all the posts and blogs- I have enjoyed greatly, and will still read and respond as I have time down the road. If it weren't for dietbet, I would not be this size and I am very thankful!

Best wishes and good health and prayers to all! (and maybe, just maybe someday I will meet some of you in a maintenance game?)

DJ134 signing off for now