Time seems to get away from me! Here I am slowly typing when I should be getting ready for bed! I had planned to exercise some, but once again, ran out of time! It is very helpful to be active on posting in dietbet, but exercising is important, too.

For me, I lose track of time- especially at the computer or watching TV, and then don't get done the things I need to do.

There has to be balance in posting, exercising, planning meals, work, family time, etc. that I have difficulty with. One thing that I have done that helps (when I remember to do it) is to set a small timer. I even have one at work so that I get up and move around, etc.  I know some people use their cell phones, but this timer is only $1 and it is a good reminder even when I forget to set it.

So this procrastinating dietbetter is now off to bed and will be more balanced tomorrow! How about you?