Go Big or Go Home?

Paula E.

10/05/2014 1:33PM
Uh, hello? Have you seen my weight loss graph?! Yes, I am with you in your struggles. I too have an "all or nothing" attitude - a black or white approach - I'm 100% on with regards to eating healthy, but if I mess up once, well, shoot, I may as well eat tons of junk. The one thing I have found is that as I continue to struggle and continue on this journey, my pendulum swings are starting to get smaller. That said I think there is hope for us! My new motto is "persistence, not perfection!" Thanks for sharing your blog and your thoughts!

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Katrina B.

Yes, I have noticed the same thing, my swings are much shorter, but it is so easy to think "Oh, that's not enough, so I won't do anything." But it is getting better :)

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