Go Big or Go Home?


10/05/2014 2:45PM
Katrina, I've been there, done that.

One thing that is helping me now is simply having fighting the "weight battle" for so long. I have learned, personally, that I can lose, that I will gain, that maintenance is hard.

It's kind of like running, or any other sport. Many of us start out competitively. We have to win, or get a personal best time, or a high score. We are so goal oriented that it is hard to enjoy the activity simply for the joy of the activity. :-)

My first triathlons and running events were important to me because I wasn't sure I would finish. Now that I have finished many, I have the experience to see the subtle differences. Not every race is "to win", "to get a PR". Sometimes I go out to have fun with my friends. Sometimes I know I'm un-trained, but still go try it.

There is satisfaction in the doing that sometimes just takes time to see. Yes, I have been (and will be) all or nothing. But I am also willing to go out and just do it some of the time.

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