New test kitchen experiment today! Everyone who knows me, knows by now I'm low carb. Extremely low. My carbs come from veggies. No fruit. Almost no dairy, excluding the bit of milk in my coffee each morning. So I'm always looking for flavor.

I had my giant electric skillet out again, making shrimp and veggies. When done, I had some mashed cauliflower leftover from making "cauliflower cakes" like mom used to make potato cakes (I did add a smidgeon of cheese so they'd stick together and liked them better on the skillet than baked as we do the cauliflower crust). I took the leftover cauliflower and put it in my smoothie blender with six tablespoons of egg whites and made these weird little pancakes. I'd show you a picture after they were turned and finished, but I already put Walden Farms zero calorie syrup on them and ate them. YUM.

Then, because I still had half the batter left, I threw some "noodled" zucchini that was in the frig into the mix, added half a scoop of protein powder, some cinnamon, vanilla and sweetener, and threw those on the skillet just in a cookie sized portion. I'd show you a picture of those but I already ate them, too. LOL! Anyway, found some new ways to use veggies and they were great!