Yesterday was good. I weighed myself, just like every monday morning and the scale showed 77.0kg. I already reached my goal weight 2 days early. The weight loss for the week was 0.8kg, which was really satisfying, considering the fact that I couldn't exercise a lot. I was really happy. I ate very clean on monday, went to table tennis practice in the evening. Everything was good.

Today was (20 minutes over here in Germany) my birthday. It was bad...really bad...REALLY REALLY bad. Well it was a nice day, don't get me wrong. But why oh why did I join a dietbet that ends one day after my birthday. I think I had at least 4-5K kcal today, 2.5K of which were sugar. Seriously, it felt like I ate everything I denied myself for two months, in one single day.
In retrospective I know that denying myself candy completely will not work for me in the future. Two weeks of zero candy let to the sickest binging of 800 grams (oh yes, almost two pounds!) of Haribo in a single day.

Well, the choices we make dictate the life we lead. -.-

I test-weighed myself just a couple of minutes ago.... 79.9 kg. That's right. +2.9kg.

I know, I know, it's late in the evening, I haven't been on the toilet, I drank a lot of water today (3-4 litres), all the food is still in my body, bla bla bla. But honestly, if the first digit would have been an 8 again, I might have cried a little. ^^

Of course an extra 3K kcal won't make me gain 2.9kg, but a REAL weight gain of 0.4 kg seems pretty realistic.

So Shaun T's weigh-out period is 9-57 hours from now. This will be the first time I will have to make use of the 48 extra hours. I won't even try weighing out tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I will burn calories...A LOT of calories and probably not eat more than 1200 kcal. Lets hope for the best.

Rise and Shine!