Wow, time flies bye so fast. I simply couldn't find the time anymore to update this blog regularly. So what happend in those last 11 days? First of all, I won Jen Widerstroms dietbet AND Biggest Loser Emmys dietbet today. After I overcame my mini-plateau, the pounds were just melting away, I don't know why. Once again, consistency and perseverance payed off. That's why I chose this Disney quote today (I know it's a rerun. ^^).

Now here comes the sad part.
I have a single dietbet left. It's Tony Horton's which ends on tuesday (or thursday if I need the extra 48 hours). I am already less than 3% away from my goal weight, therefore I will not start another dietbet. So this post will very likely be my second to last, only followed by the final one when "it's all over". :( I make it short today, because the next post might be really long. :)
I hope everybody is doing fine.