Hi everyone!
This one might take a while, so for the "tl;dr" fraction, just sroll down to the bottom now. ^^

Oh well, my last dietbet (Tony Horton) finalized on thursday. It was my eigth dietbet, and I won them all. 8-0, perfect score, Woo-Hoo me. XD

How did I do it?
First of all, I must admit, that there are some preconditions that helped. 
I love sports, all kinds of sports. I don't drink any alcohol. I have no problem drinking loads of water. I like almost all kinds of food, healthy and unhealthy. I had a great support system. Family and friends were super helpful the whole time.
I had carbs multiple times a week. I had candy multiple times a week (mostly gummi bears and TicTacs). I ate incredible amounts of vegetables and a huge amount of fresh fruit.
I had a total of three "cheat days" (3000-4000 kcal) in three months.
I moved a lot! I mean really A LOT!

I will unlock my first and last weigh-in picture for a couple of days, so that all the people that helped me so much during those last three months can have a look for themselves (if they even want to^^). I have to say special thanks to some of you though.
To Kim G., Cindi V., Thomas A., Lisa, Cali, Carolyn K. and those I forgot: Thanks for reading, motivating and encouraging me to keep this blog alive. That helped me succeed more than you probably know.
I also want to thank the hosts I had the best experiences with. My very first dietbet was hosted by BL Rachel Frederickson, and I am glad that she was as awesome as she was, because a good start is so crucial to stay motivated. Very personal, very helpful and very present. Also special thanks to Shaun T. This guy is just crazy, but he never gives you a chance to slack even a little bit. And finally, my personal favourite: Jen Widerstrom. It just felt like the perfect dietbet. Seriously, if she decides to host another dietbet, I will gain a couple of kilos on purpose, just to take part again. I just love her.

And if you are missing Disney quotes so far, well here you go:

So beautiful and so so true. The original reason I joined was the money, I'm not gonna lie. But the reason why I kept moving forward and didn't quit was the group dynamics in here. Therefore once again: Thank you all! Big Time!

Now I think it is time for some numbers:

I played a total of 8 dietbet games for a combined total wager of $225.
I (net) won a total of $111.28. The displayed "winnings" of $336.28 aren't really my winnings.
This means, that after the fee of 25%(!) (which I still think is way too much) is subtracted, on average 50.2% of the contestants were winners.

I started my journey on March 2nd with a starting weight of 84.9kg (188.2 lbs) at a height of 1.77m (5'10''). My BMI was 27.1. and my body fat percentage was 21.1%.

When I weighed out on wednesday, I weighed 73.7kg (163,4lbs), my BMI was at 23.5 and my body fat percentage was 14.9%.
Sadly, I did not grow in height. Hahaha

But as a wise man once said:

Once again, so so true: The fact of the matter is, I have not reached my goal yet! I want to reach 72.0kg (159.6lbs) and most important, stay there. Now I already have gained a couple of hundert grams since wednesday (no regrets though, some "celebrating" was appropriate XD). The reason I didn't join another dietbet was, that I had only 2.3% of my body weight to loose to reach my goal weight. That doesn't mean that I am "done" now. So I promise you to update this blog in four weeks max. to tell you if I reached my goal weight (yeah accountability). :)
Rise and Shine!

All the best


Cliffsnotes for the "tl;dr" fraction:

Dietbet is good.