I'm freaking out a little bit right now. I am invited to barbecues, birthdays or other celebrations like every second day it feels. Haven't had much time to update the blog for that reason.

My work-outs are spot on. I'm exercising even when I don't feel like it. I burn a lot of calories, and I am really happy with that. But I don't have control over my diet that much. Cooking for myself and eating at home is so much easier. And I don't wanna be a smart-ass to my friends all the time. They don't have to lose weight, and they aren't forcing me to eat the food they offer. It just happens to taste pretty awesome. Hahaha. I still try to make a rough estimate of the calorie count all the time and don't go over my budget, but it's not as accurate as it used to be, it seems.

Because the bottom line is: I don't lose any more weight. That sucks...big time.

I normally only weigh myself once a week on mondays, but because my next dietbet ends on tuesday I weighed myself almost every day this last week. Friday was super cruel, when the scale showed a +1.1kg difference from thursday.

This is the first time I am actually really afraid of losing a dietbet. I have 33 hours (+48h buffer) left in the Jen Widerstrom dietbet. I want to make them count. I still have 0.6kg to lose.

Tomorrow we have our anual meeting/conference (I don't know the right english word) from our table tennis club. We will sit and talk for hours and there will be food and snacks everywhere. -.- Once again on the LAST f*** day before a weigh-out.

My timing is just ridiculously bad. xD


"Welcome to The Grind!

For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way, 10,000 streams fan out like a river delta before you, Each one promising the path of least resistance.

Thing is, you're headed upstream. "