If you are like me, you enjoy a good action movie. While I didn’t read the X-Men comic books I’ve enjoyed all the recent movies based upon the comic books. One of my favorite quotes is in the movie ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, “Did you just call me BLOB?”

We’ve all been there at some level. Either been offended by a comment, or made a comment that offended, whether or not that was the intent. Those of us in DietBet have decided to make a change for a healthier lifestyle. A unique feature to using DietBet is we are a community of people who have been there, have a common goal, and care about other’s success.

Enjoy the X Men Origins Wolverine: Blob featurette


I like at the end of the featurette how actor Kevin Durand says, “Don’t be Blob, step away from the computer and chili cheese fries, get yourself some exercise, or else you will meet your demise.”

I find that quote, “Did you just call me BLOB?” humorous because I’ve been there and my boys and I would laugh about it, because it was a misunderstanding, but with a little bit of truth… and then the fight scene ensued. I still say the quote to my boys and we still laugh about it. Great Movie if you like action movies. Also a great advice from Kevin: “Don’t be Blob!” So get yourselves healthy just like I am!

Bit of Trivia: Can you name another movie that spotlights Hugh Jackman and Kevin Durand?

Since joining DietBet I’ve changed my strategy to maximize my motivation. I like staggering my DB4s (Kickstarts) start dates by 10 days. This way I’m always in a challenge and have just a little bit further to meet the next weigh out. I like staggering my DB10s (Transformers) start dates by 2 months. This allows me to be committed to my long term goal and meet my Life Goal Weight. I don’t care to win any money. I just don’t like losing my own. So I’m giving all my winnings over what I’ve invested to my church.

My heaviest I’ve ever been was on Feb. 13, 2015 at 306 lbs. I was tired of being a BLOB! It was time to make a change. I heard about DietBet from a classmate of mine, Lisa, through Facebook. I committed to my first DietBet Challenge on Mar. 2, 2015 and thus far I’ve lost 35 lbs. and I have another 75 lbs. to go on my journey to my Life Goal Weight. I’ve set my target date to make my goal by Christmas 2015 if not sooner. Then the challenge will be to maintain the NEW ME!