Improve my health so I am more able to be active with my wife and kids.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: A huge salad that fills me up.

Favorite Sinful Food: Anything and lots of it.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cycling, Swimming

My Approach to Weight Loss: Exercise more. Eat less calories.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: FIN 2 WIN (Fast IF Necessary to WIN)

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Endomondo

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $5,871.28


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-1% Since last weigh-in-2 lbs
-0.4% 1-Month Change-0.8 lbs
-33.7% Lifetime Change-102.7 lbs

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How I have succeeded with DietBet and Why I have failed at DietBet
by - 12/02/2017 12:11PM

If you just want the quick overview, you must commit to a plan and stick to it to succeed. If howeve... Read More ›

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Thanks for sharing your journey. It is hard to slip up and to get back to where you were, but I have full confidence that you'll get there again! This time, you'll have your head in a good space so that you can maintain. You've got this!


Stumbled across this entry as I was browsing blogs... Are there still Shame Games and Spin & Swim games? Any $10 games at all? Perhaps they are invitation only?
When Life Throws You a Curve Ball
by - 09/20/2017 11:30AM

My son, Eric, really enjoys playing football.  He has been playing since he was in 3rd grade.  Not a... Read More ›

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I'm so sorry for the heartache, Thomas! I know it can be devastating -- and for both you and your son's situations!Your story is one that inspired me back in 2015 to lose weight, too, even before I ever started working for DietBet. I have also struggled with keeping the weight off. I'm up 30 pounds of the 100 I lost. It's tough, and it's even harder to find the motivation the second time around.You can do it! You've done it once before! :-)


Very well-written post. Impressive -- father, son, coach and family. Hang tight and help one another heal. You've got this!
Here I Go Again
by - 09/07/2017 9:38AM

It is TIME. Way past time that I get started again on my journey to a Healthier Me. If you have read... Read More ›

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Woo Hoo! You've got this! You've done it before so you KNOW it can be done!

Roderick Dyke

Thanks for your thoughts Thomas! Yes, we all must keep at it --- FOR LIFE! Although DietBet Challenges are packaged as a "Game" , the reality of it is that we must all take our winning actions as our NEW LIFESTYLES ... With an emphasis on LIFE; i.e., as in the "rest of". That being said, I have kept most all of my weight off from a previous 10% DB win by using the Maintainer Bets ... IT does work. When I came off the maintainer, I gained half of my lost weight back and am now on another 10% loss bet, BUT WILL JOIN & STAY ON THE MAINTAINER BET AS LONG AS THEY WORK FOR ME. Cheers!
by - 09/10/2016 2:50PM

Wow What a Difference a year makes!  Always a good statement when losing weight.  However... Okay, t... Read More ›

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Lynda D.

I thought a year ago I would never do this again. Here I am doing it again. Just read your blog and that pretty much echoes my feelings as well. Glad to see you've been on track this year!!! Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn K.

You are an inspiration Thomas! I met you a couple of years ago doing a dietbet on here. Hope you are doing well. Keep up the good work :)
Falling off the Wagon!
by - 11/12/2015 3:42PM

When I started my weight loss journey (for the last time) back in Feb. 2015 it was ho-hum. Then I wa... Read More ›

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Thomas. Where are you slim. everything okay? let's get back in gear! biking rocks!

- Slim -

Thank you Thomas for sharing this. You basically wrote my story.I'm in the current DietBet game: "Ref Ashley's FitFam DietBet" withyou and look forward to sharing our success stories!I am also a bike guy. This past summer I did my 1 day best ride of56 miles - hoping to do a Century next year.....Lord willing!I did somewhere around 800 miles for the season. It's going tobe a long winter.
My Testimonial: What is my driving force behind my weight loss?
by - 10/20/2015 11:49PM

Hi.  My name is Thomas, and I am a Foodaholic!  I have now lost 95 lbs.  I am also a 100% Member of ... Read More ›

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Bea L

Way to Go Thomas A. So proud of you!!!!!

Bea L

Getting ready to start this AGAIN!!! My last game ended in August name it, I've eaten it "under a lot of stress"!!! I've found I need a this challenge "DietBet" to keep me motivated. I've done it on my own prior to Dietbet, and kept it off. I'm ready to get it ALL off and keep it off this time around. I Love what you've done, Thank you so much for all your encouragements. God Bless!!
Did you just call me Blob?
by - 05/13/2015 10:24PM

If you are like me, you enjoy a good action movie. While I didn’t read the X-Men comic books I’ve en... Read More ›

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Kyle B.

You have inspired me. I started at 300 as well. Time to quit playing around. thanks for the motivation Thomas!


That is GREAT Kyle! I've been inspired by many to lose the weight I've carried for years, but it takes more! Not until I started DietBet have I been truly Motivated to Succeed in my weight loss. I find DietBet's Platform of both DB4s and DB10s to be the Motivation I've needed to Succeed at my weight loss. I pray that you will take to heart my strategy on how I use both styles of challenges and Make it WORK for YOU! God Bless and may you find the Motivation you need to Succeed! :^)
Antigravity Cream: What is it?
by - 04/18/2015 10:04PM

I joined Dietbet on March 8, 2015 and joined my first challenge on March 10.  I was willing to try s... Read More ›

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I figured out how to friend you! LOL Wow, your photos show a lot! Great job!!


Good one!
I vow to be a Loser!
by - 03/18/2015 5:07PM

Situation:  I feel tired.  I get winded just tieing my shoes.  I'm now twice the man that my father ... Read More ›

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I can't believe how close to my life yours sounds. Thanks for the post and it's great to know that someone else out there is just like me.

- Slim -

Well stated Thomas, I too vow to be abig-time loser!Thank you for sharing & encouraging.