Not being controlled by Food - slightly religious post

Jennifer F.

07/13/2015 8:38AM
Excellent post! I too have recently started looking at this whole process from a spiritual perspective, and it has really changed my whole approach to eating. I've been losing weight, slow but steady. This verse is a primary motivator for me. I recommend the book "A Taste for Truth" by Barb Raveling, along with the truly amazing smart phone app that goes along with the book. The App is called "I deserve a donut." It's all about setting appropriate life long boundaries, accepting that boundaries are for our good, etc. The App is awesome bc it goes through every possible over eating scenario and gives you a list of questions specific to that scenario to make you think about what you are doing, and bible verses particular to that scenario (like for emotional eating, failure eating, etc). It's great bc it goes everywhere with you! Another resource I found particularly helpful is Beth Moore's bible study called "Breaking Free". It's intense though. I don't know why I have not tried to access God's power on this journey throughout the years, but I am so thankful that He has opened my eyes to the truth now. God bless!

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