Things I Never Want to Forget...


07/12/2015 10:19AM
WOW!!! WHAT AN AMAZING POST!!! I really enjoyed reading it because it reminded me of where I was & where I don't EVER EVER want to go back to again!!! :-) Kate, I love the fact that you've come face to face with your true self & faced your demons (that's what I'll call them because we're haunted by all of those events). When you joined DietBet, you took the 1st step to start making positive changes in your life, & what you've been going through is gonna come to an end!!! Good for you!!! I'm really proud of you!!! No one said that losing weight is gonna be easy, but with patience, preparation, consistency, & determination, you'll successfully achieve your weight loss goal. I'm rooting for you Kate!!! YOU CAN & WILL DO IT!!! :-)

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You are an *amazing* cheerleader adrienne!! I'm so grateful that I've got you on my team, and PLEASE know that I am on yours!!!! Let's keep up the good work together! xx


Thanks sooo much for your kind words Kate!!! I'm really grateful that we're on this journey together too!!! We're all here to support one another, & yes mamacita!!! WE GOT THIS!!! :-)

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