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07/23/2015 2:00PM
Thank you Kate...(my daughter's name is Kate btw...I always thought the name was synonymous with life, never taking no for an answer, showing the world that you're in it) so that's what I named her. By the time I got to #10 my eyes were watering. While I can't relate to all...I very much relate to a lot of them and definitely #10. I am on this journey because I am tired of waiting for it to happen. It's so hard and I'm doing it alone without friends or family support. I moved out of state to tackle my fear and overcoming to win at life. I am sending you a HUGE hug for touching my heart today.

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thank you SO much Krys!(my mom named me Katharine after Katharine Hepburn because she was beautiful, powerful, and headstrong… it's a good name and I'm grateful to have it!)one thing I love about DietBet is that - insomuch as you want it, you have the support of countless people at the click of a mouse. *PLEASE* don't forget that - although it may be virtual - our support is real.Sending a big hug back your way xx

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