This morning, I couldn't believe my eyes that my scale showed 164.4lbs, .1lb below my weigh-in goal for my dietbets ending next week. Weightloss is so strange, you get stuck at one place for a whole week and then suddenly your body decides it doesn't want to be so big anymore and it drops the weight.

I'm extremely nervous that this weigh in was a fluke, so I'm hyper-focused on being vigillent about my eating habits over the next few days. I really would love to win my dietbets as any money I make on here is going towards my wedding dress (and I have an eye on a designer one that makes no sense whatsoever to buy unless I can basically win it via DietBet.)

After these three diet bets, I am wondering if I should do more of the short-term ones. They are very hard but do keep me focused. Losing 4% of your weight in 4 weeks is no joke. Always the first round is the easiest because when you're extremely unhealthy your body is just angry at you and holding on to fat so you eventually realize you need to stop killing it with food and slothfulness.

Right now the finish line for phase I is in sight. I am hoping to get down to 120lbs for my wedding, so that's a whopping 40.4lbs more to lose. It definitely won't be easy, but with the right conviction I think I can do it!