I'm feeling very nervous about the next 1.5 weeks where I'll be in New Jersey visitng family, searching out my wedding venue, and attempting to stay on track towards my 162lb goal for an Aug 3-4 weigh in. Yes, I'm very committed -- dietbet IS working -- but staying healthy in NJ is much more challenging than in California. But I'm figuring out how to work around various meal situations to find healthy options -- i.e., 2 yr old birthday party, ate turkey meat deli slices and a little bit of cheese, plus raw veggies and fruit, no dressing, and water only. Luckily I don't love cake so it was easy to avoid the dessert (had it been pie I would have been so screwed!)

Losing another 4lbs by Aug 3 is definitely do-able (well, according to calorie/weightloss science), I am just unsure how my exercise I have to do in order to achieve this goal. I'm estimating that this first bit of weightloss will not require a huge amount of exercise (just staying active / walking everyday) but the more weight I lose, the harder it will be to lose weight - and so exercise will have to play a huge part (and that whole thing about muscles helping burn fat -- I need some muscles.)

This week is going to be extremely trying. Eye on the prize, eye on the prize.