With the wedding date booked (6/19/16) I'm now supercharging my - oh crap I have to lose 40 more pounds diet. I slid under 160 today, at 159. About two years ago I was at 155 so I don't feel quite celebratory yet, but I think once I hit 150 I'll feel way more successful/happy/productive in this quest to health.

A few people have noticed my weight loss (it's always good/bad to start out at 180lbs when I begin a new job because then when I get back to my normal still overweight weight everyone is like - WHOA.) In any case, I really want to be 120-130lbs at my wedding with some toned arms/back going on, so there is a lot to do. I can't say I'm eating fully healthy every day (I had a gelato bar on Friday and yesterday I literally ate yellow raisins for breakfast, lunch and dinner) I'm doing much better at controlling the binge eating which contributes to a large portion of my weight because of DietBet. And that's getting me back to my stable weight which is prob 150-155.

I still have 9 months left to the wedding (oy) so it should be possible to lose another 40lbs. That's just 4.5lbs a month. I have to be serious about this, focused, and actually work out on a regular basis, but it's certainly not impossible. I'll at least get somewhere if I stick too this... can't wait until my wedding where I can show off my new figure - and, you know, get married to the man of my dreams!