I feel like I'm doing really well with setting myself up for success. I have a goal (catch up and meet my weight loss goals in my Transformers); I have identified a method to get myself there (establish rules/guidelines that will create better eating/exercise habits over the next several weeks); and, I have a timeline (transformer weigh-in dates).

In order to up the ante in the motivation department, I have also purchased three new pairs of pants from my favourite online retailer in a size smaller than I'm currently wearing. I bought them in fall/winter colours with intention of wearing in them in the months to come. I haven't bought any clothes in quite some time so most of my pants are starting to look a little on the loose side - but it usually takes me quite some time to move from one pant size to another. I can still wear them, but having some new better-fitting pants will be a nice incentive-then-reward. Yea pants!

I'm also seeing my physiotherapist tomorrow morning. (Yes, DietBet Moms, I will do my homework by then.) It is my goal to get some sort of indication of how much I can/should walk at this point. I loved my Fitbit walking challenges and the beta StepBets. Those numbers really motivate me to get off the couch and move. I'm not sure if the physio lady is even in a position to give me some sort of guidance on that but it doesn't hurt to ask, right? Right.

I have given some thought to what my second rule will be. As some of you may recall, I run a junk food snack bar at my office (all profits go towards our Christmas party and other such events). I had been doing really well at 'managing without indulging'. The majority of the treats in there aren't really the things I crave (speaking of which, Tia, we'll have an off-line chat about the wonderfulness of poutine one day). However, I'd acquired a nasty habit of picking up the occasional chocolate bar and/or potato chips and/or Rice Krispies Treats just because I was bored/stressed/tired/PMS-ing. When I think about where my unhealthy calories come from, the vast majority come via the tuck shop. Well that's done. No more. As of Sunday, no more tuck shop treats. It will make a difference because I was in there every afternoon picking out one or two little somethings to get me through the rest of my work day. I don't want those unhealthy calories in my body so that's it. C'est fini!

To recap, here's where I'm at with the rules:

Rule #1: No more poutine until Christmas

Rule #2: No more tuck shop goodies 

I'm feeling pretty good about it. I know the approach would be too slow for some, but this is what works for me. These small changes add up and help me make bigger changes much easier. Don't worry peeps, I'm going to make this happen.