It's been a while since I did a DietBet, but I feel like it would be a great complement to the motivation I already have:

  • My sister is getting married in June 2017. I will be in the wedding party and want to look great for the photos (she is a size 4 - me, not so much).
  • DH and I made significant changes in our diet earlier in the year. The weight we have lost and the increase in overall wellbeing has us both excited to keep it up.
  • Camping season is quickly approaching and we will be able to do a tons of kayaking.

Those who were around while I was doing my DietBets last year will recall that I've had problems with my back. Unfortunately, I can't say that everything is back to normal. It's better - thank goodness for that! But I can't walk as much as I would like in one day. I also can't walk very fast. I'm hoping losing some weight will help these issues with my sacroiliac joints (one too loose, one too tight). At the very least it will benefit my body in a million other ways.

DH got onboard when we decided to try the Zero Belly Diet. We did the one week 'cleanse' with protein shakes for breakfast and dinner, and we both lost a decent amount of weight, so we've been sticking to the eating principles of that diet when we can. Ladies, if your man snores, give this diet a whirl - mine stopped snoring entirely within 2 weeks. I now sleep so much better - though this would also be due to eating much better quality food.

Anyway, Spring has sprung in Ottawa. Soon we'll be able to spend more time outdoors. It's going to be great!