In my professional life, I've been dealing with all sorts of change. Being shuffled from one position to another. New priorities every day. The completely different activities required during an election campaign. And a million other new things. It's almost dizzying when I stop to think about it, so usually I just keep going. 

It occurred to me a few moments ago that even though my weight hasn't been going down a lot, I have been making a lot of beneficial changes - my new rules. After going out for Chinese last night (the only meal out I will be having this week according to my rules), I realized how awful and bloated I was feeling. Ugh, did I used to feel like this after each of those dinners out? Yes, actually I did but I didn't really pay attention to that. Last night, however, it was a teachable moment. Sometimes it isn't until we stop to think about it that we realize how unwell we are making ourselves with our own choices. I believe that a future rule may limit the weekly dining out choices to healthier options but that will be for another day.

For now, I will add two more rules, one for my diet and the other for physical activity. First, a recap of the existing rules:

Rule #1: No more French fries until Christmas

Rule #2: No more tuck shop goodies

Rule #3: Pack a lunch every day

Rule #4: Eat out a maximum of once per week

Rule #5: At least 4 servings of fruit or vegetables per day

Rule #6: Log at least 25,000 steps for the week 

 I am rather pleased to report that I haven't slipped up once since I've established my rules. The structured approach is good for me right now. I do feel much better. I'm sure I've lost a little bit of weight - at the very least, the kayaking is developing my upper body strength. There are muscles there! My scale has been whining about needing fresh batteries for the last two days so I haven't been able to weigh myself. I really want to - but it isn't because I need a measure of success. I know I feel better. I know my body is healthier. And because of that I'm happy with my progress. 

So, time for my new rules:

Rule #7: No snacking after dinner

Rule #8: Climb 15 flights of stairs per day

That #7 is a problem right now. I think I don't eat enough at lunch time because I am ravenous when I get home and I feel like I might eat us out of house and home. I am curious to see how well I will cope with this change.

Finally, just to touch on something I brought up last week, I have a 'food audition' tomorrow to become a home chef in a takeout service. I have a long night of cooking ahead of me because I have barely started preparing the two meals I've been asked to submit. The meals will be judged by a panel on whether the panel members would be willing to pay $15 to take-out that meal. I'm planning on pulling all the stops to make sure my boeuf bourguignon is superb and my fricassée au poulet et aux saucisses is amazing. It's kind of neat to know that I might actually become part of this new local service that allows customers to buy homemade food. Since launching its online ordering platform several months ago, this business has been quite popular. I'd love to be a (part-time) part of it. Wish me luck!