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Favorite Health Food: Sushi

Favorite Sinful Food: BBQ Ribs

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Swimming, Boxing, Rowing, Biking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Clean Eating

Fitness/Exercise Apps: USDA SuperTracker

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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Note to Self: Back to Basics
by - 07/25/2016 4:53PM

Recently, a good friend (who does not like exercise) asked me why I like working out. I quickly answ... Read More ›

Jody M.

AMY AMY AMY- A great blog from a great lady, support sista & fellow motivator...thanks for writing & sharing...P.S. Great to hear from you again too????


Hi Amy. Then stuff happened (read that as: major life stuff) and I didn’t do such a good job of managing my stress. Life was chaotic; I ate whatever was available and didn’t get to the gymI've done what you are saying in the past. My problem is I always slippery slope unless I have really well defined lines in the sand. For example I no longer eat any food with added sweeteners, wheat, potato, or rice. Been longer than 4 months. And I'm happy with my results. I bought a gym membership and did great for two months. The past 3 weeks I've been traveling and doing fairly well working out. But I'm getting that slippery slope feeling with my gym membership. And my life has been pretty low stress lately. Just thinking how to keep my work out motivation once life starts throwing me some stress. What line in the sand I can draw. Any suggestions? Enjoyed your blog post.
Pardon the Interruption
by - 12/02/2015 9:24PM

By the end of October, I hit a magic number: 25 pounds lost. It was a magic number to me not only be... Read More ›

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YES! How interesting about the vitamin D. I'm wondering whether that had some impact on me, too... Not just the change in seasons and sunlight, but also the Rx of it I had from my allergist that ran out and I never refilled because, how important could it be? Turns out, possibly VERY -- and now you e got me curious enough to investigate! But enough about me ;-) your tendancy to "get scientific" is a blessing. Instead of panicking and going into an all-out meltdown from emotional overreaction, you set to work on figuring how to correct the trend you didn't like which had the potential to unravel all your hard work. And you acknowledged that even when you identified the likely source of your struggling, it was still a huge effort to push through mentally. But look at you! You're doing it! Even when you were on vacation, you stuck to your good new-lifestyle habits. I must say, I'm very impressed and inspired reading your update. I love your posts and hope you'll share more. :) Thabk you for writing this, and congratulations on your progress towards overcoming. Cheers to you, sister!
Say Whaaaaaaaaaat?
by - 09/25/2015 12:16PM

There are no words to express what an emotionally taxing and stressful week this has been. I’ll spar... Read More ›

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Jody M.

Ah - well done Amy!! I think there was something about this week in general. I shared the same feelings as you...Don't know who this Jimmy Johns fellow is but if I ever encounter him, I tell him to take a hike...lolThanks for sharing...I particularly like to know that others act & feel the way I do & its comforting knowing that I am in a good club...way 2 stay strong...


Amy! This is such a HUGE victory! I wish there was a way for me to tell you I'm proud of you without sounding patronizing. It's so dangerous to be hungry on emotional days, but you totally rocked it. Go, girl!!!I hope whatever is going wrong in your life at the moment will resolve itself quickly and smoothly. Your strength is inspiring. Sending positive thoughts for your life and negative thoughts for the scale!
Food: A Love Story
by - 09/15/2015 11:00AM

Daughter: “What do you think avocado tastes like?” Me: “It’s like a vegetable made of butter. And wh... Read More ›

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Ohhhh. Do you have a link to that recipe? It sounds amazing! Thanks for the feedback too - I know it's possible, but it's also challenging (for me, at least) identifying good recipes and ones that don't take Martha Stewart-level culinary skills and time to accomplish. And part of that challenge is: will the kids/husband like it too?


This is a great read Amy, thank you. My husband recently bought me "The Ketogenic Cookbook, Nutritious Low-carb, high-fat Paleo meals to heal your body." By Jimmy Moore and Maria Emmerich. OMG! This cook book is amazing and full of the most scrumptious, easy, no-fuss recipes. The treats/dessert section is to die for! I also swear by "Nom Nom Paleo. Food for humans" by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong.
Yoga: A Lesson in CTFD
by - 09/14/2015 7:04PM

Last month, despite the fact that I was working out consistently and eating well, I wasn’t losing we... Read More ›

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Wow. I think I can totally relate with most of your points here!I often overthink and try to do things that worked for others--even things that genuinely seem they could work for me too. But it only brings more stress and inhibits weightloss. It's good to try different things, to see what works best; no doubt. At the same, if it brings more stress, etc, we have to know when to move on to the next thing, taking our lessons and new understanding with us. (& Thanks for not saying "Yoga doesn't work." It is good to recognize what works for us as individuals, but not offend others in the process. ;))


But even though you weren't losing you could have been gaining muscle.
Doctor’s Orders
by - 08/21/2015 1:46PM

Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor (from here on out referred to as Dr. H), who is a lice... Read More ›

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Amy - you are so lucky to have found an amazing doctor! (And, I can definitely see how our situations seem to be overlapping. Slow down? What in the world does slow down mean?) As for relaxation, I ended up buying some colouring books that do help me wind down at the end of the day...if only I were able to fit it in every day!


What an interesting post! I have to agree that we don't tend to take any time to relax. I ventured out in a kayak for the first time ever yesterday. At some point, I realized I had paddled out far enough that I couldn't hear any noises from the shore and there weren't any noises from nearby boats. It was pure bliss. I closed my eyes and let myself get pushed around by the waves for a bit. I could have stayed out there all day - but it was great for the few moments I did get. That was my Happy Hour for yesterday. Have you found a mediation app? Let me know if you come across something that you would recommend. "Give yourself credit" is super important. I celebrate all the little victories along my journey. I didn't eat any potato chips offered when we watched a movie at Auntie's place? Pat on the back for me! It's all those little decisions that help me realize that I'm actually doing this.
Shaping Up
by - 08/20/2015 10:37AM

Earlier this week my mother-in-law said to me, “Your shape is totally changing.” And she’s right. De... Read More ›

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Congratulations! That's wonderful!!! Keep up the great work!!!


Congrats! What an accomplishment! Be proud and stick to your plan - it's working, even if the scale doesn't always reflect it.
Cheat Meals – Is it Just Me?
by - 08/14/2015 11:21AM

Looking for “is it just me" or "is this normal” feedback, if at all possible! I know a lot of people... Read More ›

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My knee-jerk reaction is salt or alcohol. When I cheat-meal it, you better believe it's gonna be salt-a-licious. So I always immediately get a little bump on the scale. That said, my weight fluctuates like crazy from day to day, from hour to hour. And not two pounds-- 5-7 pounds. I give it time. My come-back from a cheat meal can take days, too. Maybe that's a sign it isn't worth it? I dunno. But it always comes back and dips below where I was as long as I've been doing what I should. I have noticed that when I indulge in alcohol it takes a lot longer to get back to losing weight. I'd do better if I didn't cheat, though-- because it's a mean process for my brain. I CAN do it, but it's extra hard and usually it doesn't feel like it was worth it at all. Says the girl who had a donut for breakfast.


I don't do cheat meals. I'm working so hard to detox my body from all the sugar and fat that it craves that it seems masochistic to put it back on the menu for a day and then deny it the rest of the week. It's much easier for me to stick to eating healthy if I always eat healthy.
Long Term Goals
by - 07/31/2015 11:51AM

  At the start of this year, I set a goal to run five races. I accomplished a 5k in January and an 8... Read More ›

carly n.

This sounds like a great plan! let us know what you learn as you try these new fitness regimes.
Making Waves: Adventures in Swimming
by - 07/30/2015 4:59PM

When I started swimming at my gym pool in May, I was introduced to a cast of characters. Every one o... Read More ›

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carly n.

I miss swimming... This sounds like a great place to spend some time!


..."It's like he's looking for shells maybe." LOVE IT
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