Today, I hit rock bottom.... or you could say rock bottom hit me.  

So, I haven't been so successful throughout this dietbet.  This summer has been a tough one for me - selling house, moving, downsizing into an apartment, throwing a baby shower, sister having the baby 5 weeks early and is now in NICU... and next week, back to work!  Excuses, excuses.  Bottom line is, I let my summer get away from me, I let my emotions feed me, and I let rock bottom knock me for a loop.  My husband and I woke up with a passion for getting on track.  Enough is enough.  I stepped on the scale for my (final) first weigh in and saw my highest weight yet.  Ugh.  So, instead of feeling defeated, I poured myself a gigantic glass of water, made myself a healthy breakfast, and made plans for an active and healthy day with my family.

No, I may not win this diet bet.  I have quite a ways to go in order to do that.  But I'm in this for the long haul, not just the sprint.  My husband and I are committed to creating a healthier life for us and for our children.  We never want our kids to fight the battles we have had to fight with weight.  

Rock Bottom may have won this round, but I'm right back up on my feet and swinging....  And I must say, I pack a pretty good punch.