Today, the sun in shining, the house is clean, my girls are happy, and that dark, foggy mindset that doomed me yesterday is GONE!  (For today, at least.  That's why we take it one day at a time, right?)  Today, I'm feeling good about this whole weight loss, get healthy thing.  What's the difference?  A couple of things.  For one, I didn't give in to temptation yesterday.  I fought through the gloomy, frustrated feeling.  I ignored the little voice in my head saying, "Go ahead, just go get a milkshake...," that voice that is normally quite loud and controlling.  I may have been a bit miserable (ok, a LOT miserable) because I couldn't take the easy road (couch and junk food), but today I'm happier for it.

I started my day with Zumba toning.  I felt great all day because of it.  I HATE working out!  I haven't worked out in probably 5+ years.  But I'm starting to feel good about it.  (I may be cursing while I'm doing it, but that is beside the point...)  Right now I am on summer break, so I have the luxury to choose when I can fit in my exercise.  I started by doing it when my girls were down for a nap, but I found that I was dreading naptime (hence yesterday's boycotting of Zumba).  Today, I took a different approach and figured I'd just get it out of the way and then have the whole day ahead of me.  I awoke at 6:30 and was able to get my workout in before my one year old was awake and needing my attention.  My three year old woke up as I was working out, but she loves Zumba.  She actually watched and cheered me on, "You can do it, mom!  Keep going!"  I pushed harder because of her and was proud to do so.  

I am not naive in thinking that every day will go so smoothly, but I know that if I can just keep trudging through the tough days, I'm going to have many more happy, active days ahead of me.