Another week has gone by already! Wow, time flies when you're losing weight. I'm doing pretty well. I've stuck to my rules without slipping a single time yet, though the temptations have been numerous - and delicious-looking... It's time to add a fourth rule to keep improving my diet. Just to recap, here are the rules which have been put in place in the last few weeks:

Rule #1: No more poutine until Christmas

Rule #2: No more tuck shop goodies 

Rule #3: Pack a lunch every day

And here's the rule which will take effect on Sunday:

Rule #4: Eat out a maximum of twice per week

I know this seems like a lot to some of you, but hubby and I have developed a serious eating out routine. Packing my lunch was a great way to ease myself back into making some food at home but it's not enough. It's the dinners out that are really packing on the pounds. So the time has come to cut much of that out and start better habits of eating at home. I was thinking of making the limit one meal out per week, but we're going camping this weekend and it's going to impact my ability to ensure we have homemade food to eat at home. I'm starting with a limit of eating out twice per week, but that will be reduced at some point in the future - especially if I feel the limit turns out to be too high (I don't want useless rules).

We have also outfitted ourselves with a rooftop rack to transport our new kayaks as well as a bike rack. We've done a decent amount of kayaking already but this will make it easier. This way we can bring the kayaks to work in the morning, and head to the Ottawa River right after work with a picnic for dinner. It's going to be great! We also have great cycling trails in this city so we'll be taking advantage of those mostly on weekends once my back is better at bending forward (getting there!).

I haven't been weighing myself as often as usual because my back is most painful in bed and I haven't been sleeping well at all. This means that I usually delay getting out of bed as long as I possibly can. The result is one heck of a mad dash to get ready. Shower, makeup, hair, iron clothing, breakfast, pack lunches, feed cat - all done in about 45 minutes. I always end up walking out the door and doing that D'oh head slap, only remembering at that very point that I should have weighed myself. It's not the end of the world, though. I now I am doing well, regardless of whether there are huge changes on the scale. For one thing, I have muscles in my arms. Yep, *pulls make believe suspenders* MUSCLES!

I also tried on the 2 last pairs of motivation pants I bought in a size smaller. You will recall that I bought 3 pairs of pants in a size 16 (one size smaller than what I am currently wearing) to get me through the winter because my current pants are getting a little bit large for me. The trouser jeans can't be fastened yet so I didn't bother trying on the other pants. I since have, and holy moly, they fit. And by "fit" I mean that I can technically put them on, zip them up and walk around in them. But if I'm to be honest, they are a bit tight at the waist so they are not part of my current wardrobe - yet. It's going to happen though. 

Have a great Labour Day weekend everyone!