Zumba-hated it.


10/06/2015 11:18AM
I hated Zumba too. I did it once, and fell twice. No thank you! Weight fluctuates a LOT. I weigh myself daily, and some days for seemingly no reason, i'll just be up a few pounds. Give weighings yourself daily a try -- I really like it because it helps me to better understand how different behaviors affect my weight (and also that weight is such a crazy fluctuating thing!).

Happy Girl

Yes, it scares me. I feel depressed and get really anxious when I wake up and i've only lost half a pound, when the other day I had lost 2. What?! It gives me a heart attack. This morning I woke up and lost four pounds. I just read an article, which talks about a four pound margin going up and a two pound margin going down. It gave me some comfort. Still, I feel like I have to over-exercise to compensate because i'm not entirely sure what to believe.

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