To stay focus I bought  a daruma wish doll.

The color is for love, relaxation and safe birth (the last one is saddly unfortunate).

I actually chose this one becauseit was cute.

Daruma doll helps to stay focus with goals and bring good luck.

You make a wish and draw the left eye.

It works as a reminder , and helps you look in the right direction.

When you achieve your goal or your wish comes true : you draw the second eye.

(after their can be a ceremony like burying or burning the doll, i am not a specialist)

My wish is to win my dietbet, and to stay positive doing so.

My weight is not everything in my life, so many bad things happen in this world everyday, so I do need the motivation.

This doll is handmade and very tiny.

I will keep it next to my computer screen in the living room.

Let's the game begin, I have been good today, and danced to Taylor Swift's new song wondering :

"What does this girl eat to be so thin..."