I have not been feeling good , health related issues.

Despite making my goal I started to feel bad about that all bet.

I thought the way I ate , the fact that I enjoyed here and there carbs and sugar meant that I could eat like that forever.

That is just not the case, my stomach does not like the way I eat, all that protein.

And I realized something , before I got pregnant I wanted to set an example for my future child. 

I wanted my child to enjoy food and not be scared of it.

I do not want my daughter to weight herself everyday, to get an eating disorder or to eat only meat .

My motivation was right in front of my eyes. 

For my daughter I will do my best to reach my goals , by eating a little bit of everything.

Without getting into extreme behavior. Even it means I lose my money.

She does not care about my size , my husband does not either. Why punish myself , let's just eat healthy...