Not a Plateau de fromage saddly but a weight plateau !

Since last week's weigh in I have lost 300g, but it is been down up down around the same weight.

Happily for now I am still at 100%!

And I think the terrible C has arrived! 

Might be the reason for the plateau.

Let it be over for the last weigh in!

I was wondering about joining another dietbet.

Having 23 000 dollars written on my fridge did motivated me after all.

Also as I do not follow a plan or check calories it is not hard to follow.

At home or restaurant I just do not eat rice , pasta, flour..

I am not hungryor frustrated.

But I think I am at a plateau and if I join another bet I might loose it without loosing a gramm!

To finish on a positive note : I love pounds!

How cool it is to say I have lost 9 pounds since I have decided to get back on track.

Seriously before my pregnancy I have lost 20 kg.

Well in pounds I can say : I have lost 44 pounds!

Haha! I know it is silly but I feel like it is more weight!

44 pounds how cool is that XD