I am half way through my first diet bet.  I am still felling very motivated.  I am following my low carb diet faithfully and today is the first day I added walking (30 minutes M-F).  I intially had some great loss that kicked up my motivation.  I lost 8.5 lbs rather quickly (most likely water).  Then the scale jumped up 1.5 lbs.  and here is where I have stayed for the last 4-5 days.  I am being realistic in that I should only be losing 1-2 lbs a week following a low carb diet.  Anything more is icing on the cake.  

I also know that I need to add in more activity.  I am pretty much sedentary all day.  I am praying that with the addition of the walking, I will see those extra lbs. I need - come off before this challenge ends. That means for me I still need to lose 2.9 lbs in 13 days.