I am honing in on Month 3 of playing Dietbet.  I have won all my weigh-ins thus far!  Yes!  This is great news and of course I am very happy.  I started dietbet on 10/27/15.  Crazy right?  Who starts dieting before 3 major holidays?  Well, I got scared.  I weighed myself shorty before finding dietbet and I saw a number I never saw before...250.  Yes, that was very frightening to me.  Something clicked in my brain and I frantically started looking on the internet for the next get skinny quick diet.  I was researching them all, reading, planning and analyzing which was the best for me.

During this search, I ran into Dietbet and was very intrigued.  I started researching and looking at reviews and decided what the heck, I have tried almost everydiet there is, maybe money might motivate me.  So I signed up for my first dietbet, weighing in at 247.  I guess all my stress about the big 250 frighened 3 lbs. out of me. 

Today I am pleased to report that I weigh 222.  Yes, I have lost 25 lbs.  I am very happy with the results I have had.  I follow my own plan, a very low carb diet.  I get a ton of support from all of you.  Such as adding more water to my day.  Adding exercise.  Encouraging words and stories of success and failure all resonate with me.  You make me want to continue on.  You make me want to succeed and get to my goal.  For this I want to thank dietbet and my fellow players.  It is here that I have found some success.

I have been hovering at the 221-222 back and forth mark for two weeks now and I am very frustrated.  Nothing I do can make that scale budge below 221.  I track all my food intake.  I keept my calories under 1300, I keep my carbs under 25.  I drink at least 80 oz of water every day.  I track my steps every day to 10,000+, I even added 20 minute kettlebell workouts every other day.  But the results are the same...either 221 or 222.

I am a little discouranged.  I looked for ways I can break my stall.  I found that an egg fast might break my stall.  So today is day 2 of my egg fast.  Good thing I love eggs.  I am praying that my body will break this plateu and start loosing again.  I have 62 lbs more to go and strategically, this should not be happening.  I will give an update after I complete the fast on Saturday to let you know if I had any success.  If I don't, I am not sure what I can do next.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  I am very motivated and want to keep that motivation level high.

Thank you for all of your support and I'll see you on the boards.