It was so hot again!

I have finally bought MiniMe's shoes so I was right to brave the Heat again.

I am very tired and will just do a short bedtime yoga video and go to sleep.

After giving birth I have tried to buy fitness and yoga games and DVDs.

I gave up on them quickly and thought that I had no willpower.

Now I realize that they just get old pretty quickly.

It is not fun to do the same thing over and over again.

Same music, same words, same order, same moves..

Youtube has a lot of videos available for free.

Yoga, cardio, short, long, beginner, expert, I wish I had found out about that sooner.

Well actually , I used to not have the space to exercize in the living room but I have moved 4 months ago now!

Working out should not be a hassle.

Let's work out at our own pace!