It feels different this time.  I finally feel ready to take my health back.  It's been a weary journey of unhealthty choices, lazy habits and depression.  After some hard knocks of health issues and being overwhelmed by life, I feel stronger than I have in a looong time.  

I remember loving the feeling after a workout.  I just need to look forward to the pride and stress release that comes from a hard workout, and that awful, wonderful feeling of sweating my tush off.  I miss my confident self.  I'm tired of the self reproach that comes from my poor choices.  I'm tired of the mindless, endless overindulgence in food and drink that lead to a fat, unhealthy, unhappy me.  

I remember who I am.  I have seen what I can overcome and do.  My inner strength is finding a voice and she's ready to be heard.  I will give her a voice.  She will exercies and eat healthy, and build up her strength.  

1.  Made healthy lunch to take to work tomorrow.

2.  Going to get 7 hours of sleep.

3.  Going to work early and come home early and work out.  

Here I go.