My weigh in is coming up....and I had one very bad day last week.  I'm feeling guilty.  I'm ashamed of myself.  But with a ton of weight to lose, what happens if I screw up... for one day?  Well, my son gets emotional about it.  That is what happens.  My youngest is a fitness buff.  He has lost some weight, but mostly he has studied how to gain muscle, and how to lose fat.  He studied nutrition.  He studied weight lifting.  He studied cardio.  It's amazing to someone in their 50's how the internet has become a cog on the wheel of advice, but it HAS!  I've done my research.  I know what he'd saying and advising is right.  But... what happens when I have a bad day?  What happens when binging or emotional eating becomes a mirror?  

For me, suddenly it becomes a defensive argument that I don't even believe in, but feel I need to defend.  It's amazing how when confronted how quickly we defend what we know is wrong and what we have been fighting against when someone calls us out on our bs...  


So, my son pointed out, painfully yet with good intention, how I would have made goal if I'd not indulged in my one day of freakish calories.  He said, "You were on a great path!  You had it down!"  Yes,  Yes, it's true... but...........  I needed that day of cheat.  That day was important on my journey...  it reminded me that it wasn't worth it.  It reminded me that one day is not a life time, but can reduce self esteem faster than any slam from an x spouse can.   The fact is that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is.  

The little red haired girl.  She is different for each of us, but she exists.  She/He is that little person who you need to be talking to.  You need to tell her everything that you know to be true, but don't follow yourself.  For instance:  I drink 2 8oz. glasses of wine, followed by a plethera of great, calorie infested munchies...  I feel like crap about myself.  I tell myself how awful I am and how I'll always weight a thousand pounds and I'll never wear fun clothes that make me feel sexy or confident.  What I tell her is this:  You know what?  You slipped up.  It happens.  Losing a lot of weight, any weight, it difficult.  You are a strong person.  You can do this.  A set back is not an earthquake.  It is a hiccup.  I would then proceed to support her until she believed me.  

Do I do this to myself??????? Nope.  Never.  Not a chance.  Not gonna happen.  

So, Why Not??  

Good question.  Why Not?  

What do you think?  Do you support yourself this way?  Do you have positive self talk?  

Why Not?  I think you deserve it.  A thousand fold.  Why don't I feel that way about myself???  

God bless You all.