Any time I have tried to lose weight I go for some plan like weight watchers or calorie counting where I have to count and keep track and then I feel like I have to be perfect and if I mess up I throw it all out the window. I tried South Beach a couple of times a number of years ago and while I had to think less, depriving myself of entire food groups led me to feel deprived and bored. At least for the first month, I'm going to try to just use common sense. Not eating things that are obvious junk food, not eating massive portions, limiting my whites (rice, flour, sugar, potatoes), and the most difficult: stopping when I'm full. I'm also using the couch to 5k app. I did my first jog/walk yesterday. I also want to try to incorporate strength training with my workout app. Here's hoping the diet bet makes me more aware of my actions.