Ok so I had to go to an engagement party tonight and so far I had been doing really well. I find that when I am 100% in control of my environment I have a much easier time. The first time I was greeted with food in a social setting I lost control and that was tonight. I knew in advance that I was coming into a dessert party situation. So it wasn't an issue of being mentally unprepared. I even made a special effort to do my run early so I could still get it in before the party. However, that left me in a situation where I didn't have enough time to eat dinner. So by the time I got to the party I was ravenous. I even ate an apple before but it wasn't enough to last me through the nearly hour long drive. Confession time: I ate some fruit but I also ate 2 small slices of apple crumble, 1 lemon square, 4 small chocolate chip cookies, and coke. As I was doing it I knew it was a bad idea but there were so many choices and they all looked amazing and I was so hungry and we were there for such a long time I just completely lost it. (All excuses... I know) The plus side is I haven't been tracking anything so I don't feel like I ruined a perfect food log and now I need to sabotage myself further. I know that tomorrow at yet another engagement party I can prepare myself a little better for what's going to be presented to me. I'm not going to eat beforehand but being that it is breakfast I already have an idea of what will be there. My plan is to have half a scooped out bagel with a tablespoon of cream cheese and some vegetable and fruit. If I can learn from tonight's mistake and make better choices tomorrow, I won't feel so bad.