I didn't binge eat yesterday and I'm happy :) I wasn't particularly tested as I didn't feel the urge to, but I will still accept this as a victory. 

Today I am running 9 miles as I am training for a marathon I am doing in May. I also hope to do a quick 10 minute butt workout but I struggle to find the energy to do this, which seems mad if I can do a 9 mile run. I think it's just that I really hate strength but love cardio.

Again, I will have a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, homemade juices, occasional coffee/tea and small snack or treat if needed. 

It's amazing really how much happier I am when I have control of my eating. My outlook on life, relationships and myself in general, are all positive, even when these things don't relate directly to food. I wish food didn't have such a hold over me but I'm sure one day I won't need to think about it so much. 

I am hoping to lose a minimum of 0.1kg a day as this is an achievable loss without feeling deprived of food. All I actually need to do is not binge though because my usual diet is very good, it's gorging on excess food that is the problem. 

With this is mind I am 4 days off target 1, which frustratingly I already reached prior to my most recent binge. I am rewarding myself with a £20 gift at each of my 7 targets and have already purchased most of them. I've had to put back the first gift until I reach the goal again.

I can be pretty strict on myself sometimes which is actually not always a good thing. It's where most of my guilt stems from. Like a parent who puts way too much pressure on their child to achieve. 

Hopefully I have 51 days to my target weight :) provided I can give up my addiction completely!

but for now, one day at a time.