I’ve finally broken the plateau and lost 0.1kg since by last weigh in 2 days ago. Definitely feel like I was due more than that but at least it’s a step in the right direction! 5.5kg to go!


Since I’m going away this weekend I won’t be weighing myself until Wednesday. Best case (realistic) scenario is to lose 0.5kg in this time but if I maintain my current weight then I can at least try a little harder when I return instead of starting all over again.


I have a few Diet Bets on the go at the moment so feeling a bit under pressure, especially as I am eating really well and exercising every day but not losing anything!


I am a week into giving up chocolate, hopefully until Easter but at least for as long as I can. I was completely addicted to my after-dinner sugar fix.


Now I don’t crave chocolate at all, it has become an afterthought… ‘oh yeah I remember chocolate but actually I don’t really fancy it’.


I find that I get addicted very quickly if I repeat the habit often enough. My urges can be overpowering. But it’s important to remember that each urge you overcome, the less often you will feel urges as your brain realises that sending these tempting thoughts doesn’t work anymore.  


I find it quite empowering overcoming these urges. It proves that I am the master of my mind and body and that I don’t always have to live in fear of temptation.


I am strong and another day free from bingeing!