Hayley K.

To feel more confident in cute outfits

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Caesar salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Cheeseburger

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Approach to Weight Loss: Low/moderate calorie meals and snacks, IF, exercise, cutting down treats and alcohol

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $1,928.13

TIME PERIOD: All 1-Year 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
+2.9% Since last weigh-in
+2.9% 1-Month Change
-0.4% Lifetime Change

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Day 9 - beat the bloat
by - 02/07/2016 2:46AM

Still battling with bloating and stomach aches. Last night I had potatoes with dinner and felt uncom... Read More ›

Day 8 - boredom eating
by - 02/06/2016 10:16AM

I wasn't really meant to weigh myself this morning as I'm trying to cut down but I did and was 0.1kg... Read More ›

Day 7 - no more chocolate cravings!
by - 02/05/2016 5:44AM

I’ve finally broken the plateau and lost 0.1kg since by last weigh in 2 days ago. Definitely feel li... Read More ›

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Love this post! It is empowering, isn't it? And the sugar addiction is so real and so powerful. Good for you for learning how to break/control that - you will live longer for it :-).
Day 6 - food allergies
by - 02/04/2016 6:12AM

Today was a no-weigh day but I am desperate to weigh myself. Yesterday I had gained MORE muscle weig... Read More ›

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Biking Syl

Great progress! Don't freak out about a gain right after a tough workout, though. Your muscles will hold extra water (pumped), which disappears after they recover from the workout.

Jennifer B.

Congrats! Try a gluten free diet for a couple months and see if it makes a difference. I was negative for the celiac blood test but 4/4 biopsies from my upper endoscopy were positive. Since the only cure is to not eat it, it doesn't hurt to give it a try (my doc suggested 3 mos to allow time for villi healing).
Day 4 - feeling proud
by - 02/02/2016 3:23AM

Yesterday was my first proper urge to binge eat. Conditions were pretty much perfect - tired, what f... Read More ›

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What a great story to read! It is such a mental process isn't it?!? Great job!
Day 3 - weight gain from muscle
by - 02/01/2016 1:42AM

Yesterday was a good day for healthy eating and exercise. Stuck to my meal plan and ran 10 miles plu... Read More ›

Day 2 - 5.1 kg to go
by - 01/31/2016 12:16AM

I didn't binge eat yesterday and I'm happy :) I wasn't particularly tested as I didn't feel the urge... Read More ›

Day 1 - admitting the problem
by - 01/30/2016 12:53AM

I have a binge eating addiction. A sugar addiction, a fat addiction, an eating-so-much-that-I-can't-... Read More ›