I wasn't really meant to weigh myself this morning as I'm trying to cut down but I did and was 0.1kg up again! So frustrating. Now at 5.6kg off my goal. 

Today is my first proper rest day in a long time. I'm travelling to Scotland to go snowboarding for a couple of days and have been in the car for 9 hours. 

As you can imagine I am pretty bored! Read some magazines, done my share of the driving, listened to musics, podcasts etc. and now am on the last stretch, 1.5 hours until arrival. 

I've managed to only get coffees at our stops, which is better than stocking up on fast food or confectionary! Brought my own healthy lunch so no excuses! 

My only slip up really has been the snack I've just had which consisted of a gluten free roll, some haribo and a packet of crisps. Not really much to feel guilty about seeing as I have been travelling all day and had lunch at least 4 hours ago! But definitely did not need it, boredom got the better of me!

Unfortunately I have had to drop out of my diet bets due to my underactive thyroid which I think is messing with my weight. It's hard to tell at this stage as I have only just received medication for it but it's possible that it's the reason I'm putting on weight instead of losing it. 

For now though I am another day free of my binge eating and loving every second of it :)