Yesterday was a good day for healthy eating and exercise. Stuck to my meal plan and ran 10 miles plus went snowboarding in the evening!

Resisted the urge to go out for dinner. I always want to on a Sunday night mostly due to laziness/not wanting to cook. Sat in the bar and had a soft drink after snowboarding whilst I could see delicious food being handed out. Eating out is a real treat that I will miss. But having a fabulous body and not feeling guilty for overeating will be a better treat! 

I gained 0.2kg from a number of normal factors I'm sure, but it's hard to not be disheartened when you feel you have done so well. That's what I get for not being able to weigh myself once a week like is recommended!

I am going to try and cut down my weigh ins, starting with an every other day weigh instead of every day. 

At 0.1kg loss a day I am back up to 53 days to go to my target.

Looking forward to another binge free day!