So that's it, I have joined DietBet! :)

I think this is a good decision, because I need a change in my life.

My main issue is that I am a perfectionist, but the wrong kind of one... if there is any good one.

If I am afraid that something won't go the way I want, or if I am afraid I won't succeed in something, I will stop doing it, or make it fail on purpose. This way, I am still in control and I can say that it is normal that things are not going well :  it is because I do this, or that. In a way, I am successfull in failure.

But I try to change : I have learned a lot about it and I have changed a lot over the years, in a lot of ways. But regarding health and fitness, I am nowhere where I want to be. I have always postponed it.

If I miss a day of training, I will stop the entire week. If I don't eat well at one meal, I will continue like that the entire day. What the point? It is everything or nothing and, of course, I am gaining weight.

I can't do anything long-term, I can't follow a routine, but it is what I need because I have goals regarding health and fitness too.

This is why I am sure that this DietBet will be beneficial for me. I need to have a serious goal to focus on, and to continue no matter what is happening. Life is not perfect, there are little surprises sometimes and I can't plan everything. But I want to make time, I want to take the right decisions for me in order to succeed, and not because I am afraid I might not.

I hope that if some of you recognize themselves while reading this, that you will feel confident doing this DietBet and I wish all a you a lot of success and a lot of good things! :)