Yesterday was my first proper urge to binge eat. Conditions were pretty much perfect - tired, what felt like a long Monday at work, been good for a few days, free house to myself and couldn't be bothered to do anything else other than eat. Everything I thought of didn't sound as good as stuffing myself. 

I put no pressure on myself telling myself that I didn't have to do anything. No housework, no exercise, just don't binge. I had a cup of tea and watched tv, scrolling my phone, chilling out. 

After some time I felt relaxed and was getting a bit bored of the programme, so I just worked the idea of exercise slowly into my mind. You don't have to go right now, just consider going later, get changed, have a coffee and go whenever you want, if at all... No pressure.

A bit more tv and eventually the coffee kicked in enough for me to have the energy to go. So I ran out of choice knowing I would feel great and it would kill time instead of me waiting around until dinner, wanting to binge or overeat on bad foods or a bad dinner. 

And it worked a treat, got home, cooked my healthy dinner and chilled out again until bed. 

Today is a rest day, I didn't weigh myself either as I'm trying to do this every other day instead of every day. Might snowboard, might just chill out. 

Feeling really good and proud of myself. 

Same plan today!