So as I stated before, my DietBet ended and I'm awaiting my next one to start.  I hit my goal so I thought what the heck I'll "treat" myself to something yummy.....

I got an order of fries from Burger King and a mint shake, seriously wth was I thinking?  First off the fries did not taste as delicious as I remembered but I ate them anyways, the shake though was totally yummy.  However, my stomach did not like either one so well.  Let's just say today has been a whole lotta hanging in the little girls room - yuck!  It has to be that, it's the only thing I've eaten that hasn't been in my normal regime....ugh I don't think I'll make that mistake again!

It does make me realize though just how much my sense of taste has changed.  It also allows me to see how much my body likes the good stuff and is looking to reject the bad.  I could get used to this!


Until next time.....TTFN