Ugh - what am I doing?  I'm gonna throw away 3 months of hard work for what - a candy bar, donut, a couple of beers.....NO this has to stop!  Basically April has been a bust for me, I grew bored of my new found weightloss journey (it was great Jan/Feb/March).  As always I grow bored and when I hit a so-called plateau I give up.  Seriously, can I grow up already and stop throwing a hissy fit about how I'll never lose this weight and it must be a medical issue or something?  At soon to be 47yrs old can I just stop being a baby?

YES, I'd like to think so.  Nobody ever said losing weight was easy and fast.  I'm expecting way too much in a short amount of time.  Seems we all want instant gratification and when we don't get it...well we just give up.  Not this time, I can't let myself do it.........

50lbs by my birthday is not gonna happen, only half way there and I've only got roughly a month to do it.  That's ok though, 1lb at a time leads to 5lbs, then to 10lbs, and so on.  So I'm gonna get back on that wagon and do this, one stinking pound of fat at a time.  Can I get an Amen? :)

Time to get signed up for another kickstarter!