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My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: low carb/moderate fat

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal, CarbManager

Fitness Devices: Garmin Vivofit HR

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Picking myself back up - kicking and screaming!
by - 04/21/2016 7:39AM

Ugh - what am I doing?  I'm gonna throw away 3 months of hard work for what - a candy bar, donut, a ... Read More ›


Ditto, ditto, ditto. This has been my whole April. But we're adults, right? Let's go!
Holy Horrific backslide....holidays get me....
by - 03/29/2016 6:49AM

Easter - yes it came and went and so did my willpower! Ugh, why do these things have to revolve arou... Read More ›

Beginning to see changes.....
by - 03/18/2016 9:29AM

I'm becoming increasingly aware that I'm not really "hungry" every time my stomach grumbles or just ... Read More ›

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That is awesome! I'm that kind of eater as well. I've been working on ways to distract myself if it's boredom (coloring, reading, going on DB) and to manage my emotions (talking to a friend, writing in a journal, having a good cry) if it's stress/loneliness/happiness/sadness. It's so difficult, but for every time that I end up having a binge there's another time that I get through it without eating.
Presssing on....
by - 03/11/2016 1:02PM

So my 2nd DietBet this year went and gone and I didn't make my goal.  I was however down 7lbs and th... Read More ›

Working it til final weighin......
by - 03/02/2016 8:47AM

So yes, I haven't worked hard all month so I'm making a sprint to the end of one of my DietBets.  Wh... Read More ›

Hated the scale today - really wanted to nosh on donuts......
by - 02/26/2016 5:13AM

Oy, my scale and I just aren't seeing eye to eye today.  Heck it's been a week since I actually like... Read More ›

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I personally battle with this, it's called sabotage and I'm an expert. I'm glad you didn't go for the donuts, just remember this is a marathon not a sprint and try something like giving yourself a reward (non food related) when you reach 3 weeks of tracking? Good Luck, you good this!
Scale thoughts......
by - 02/19/2016 6:23AM

I've probably read a million articles, blogs, posts about the dreaded scale.  Not one has sunk in, y... Read More ›

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Tamara M.



I weigh daily at the same time every morning and have been using an app called Happy Scale. It evens out the variations to make a trend line, which I love! It's also very cute looking :) I personally like to know how what I'm doing or eating in a day affects my weight and now that I've been doing it a while I know what is water weight and what is actual weight. It keeps me accountable and I think I'd be more neurotic if I didn't know. Do what works for you, and don't worry about what everyone is saying! And, don't be afraid to try different things, even things that may not have worked before as you're always changing.
Involving the kids and getting a workout in.....
by - 02/05/2016 12:45PM

I'm trying to fit more exercise into my routine.  Not easy in the winter months because I love being... Read More ›

WTH was I thinking?
by - 02/04/2016 9:00AM

So as I stated before, my DietBet ended and I'm awaiting my next one to start.  I hit my goal so I t... Read More ›

DietBet 1 of 2016 completed! I did it!!! :)
by - 02/03/2016 6:07AM

So I've completed my first DietBet of 2016, I completed several a few years back and eventually lost... Read More ›

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Congratulations!! AWESOME!! Denise


congrats!! good job!