Easter - yes it came and went and so did my willpower! Ugh, why do these things have to revolve around yummy, delicious food???  Why must my mother make the best cheesecake ever?  Oh and that homemade bread, sugar cookies, AND cupcakes?  Oy!  I know why, it's her thing - she's always been a fantastic baker and cook, that was her job while we were growing up.  It's all she knows, you know at 80yrs she can run circles around people my age and she loves to feed you...can't blame her, gotta blame myself.  It's my fault I over ate and then my fault for not getting out there and moving my rear for some exercize.  Time to own and it and move on.  I've got a kickstarter finishing in about a week...may not be pretty.  Alas, I can do nothing about the past but learn from it.  Time to suck it up buttercup!!